Hammer und Schild e.V. 

About our club:

Hammer und Schild e.V. was founded in Munich Sendling in 2014 with the aim of renting a shared hobby room for gaming, painting and crafting. This was mainly because the former Games Workshop store was no longer allowed to open for the weekly hobby nights. The club itself was then founded as a non-profit organization.

We rented our first club room, in the district Obersendling, together with the Munich Maker Lab e.V. In 2017, our rental contract there was terminated due to renovations, whereupon the two clubs parted ways.

As a result, we finally moved to our current location at Hofmannstr. 52, only 200m away from the previous room.

Since then, the club has grown significantly and in 2023 we decided to completely renovate our club room so that there is enough space for the approximately 60 members that the club currently has. As part of the renovation, we laid a new floor, removed partition walls and purchased new furniture.

After the renovation, we now have 4 permanently installed gaming tables, 2 crafting tables with space for up to 10 people and of course enough terrain for fantasy and science fiction tabletops. You can find pictures of our club room in the gallery. 

Over the years that the club has existed, we have grown from a common hobby room that the members share to a real club in which the members enjoy spending time and pursuing their hobby together.


The membership fee is currently €30 per month. These fees are largely used to pay the rent for our own room. 

Each member has 24/7 access to the room and some space inside to store armies and painting/playing accessoires, as well as a compartment in a display case for a painted army.  

Theres also plenty of terrain, gaming mats and everything else available for all the big tabletop systems. 

If you want to join our club, please contact us through our contact form